2017-2018 Goals

Faculty Subcommittee

1. Develop a process for Diversity Action Plan review by HCIE members for feedback to the dean. Give feedback for the first set of action plans.

2. Develop effective search practices that promote inclusive excellence in senior faculty and Bloomberg searches; disseminate them through the Deans’ offices as appropriate.

Climate, Culture, and Campus Experience (C3E) Subcommittee

1. Hold a public forum event in the spring semester to raise awareness and gather input on campus climate issues.

2. Liaise with DLC and CDO Fenimore Fisher to develop practices for collecting climate data.

Communications and Diversity Awareness Subcommittee

1. Prepare an advisory document with suggestions to facilitate the revamping of JHU KSAS and WSE websites to feature diversity.

2. Update and maintain HCIE website and create a welcoming space for members of the community to express their thoughts and concerns. Facilitate communication between the campus community and the HCIE and publicize the HCIE to the campus community. Assist with the coordination, planning, and publicizing of HCIE events. In our communications, spread diversity awareness.