2019-2020 Goals

Graduate Student to Faculty (GS2F)

  1. Develop a toolkit (checklist) with the items that should be followed in the recruiting and retaining efforts and their implementation.
  2. Analyze the demographics of recent distinguish hires (e.g. BPDs) and construct recommendations for future hires, advancing inclusive excellence that complements existing demographics.
  3. Develop a clearinghouse on the HCIE website pointing to internal and external opportunities for students to faculty inclusive excellence. Identify opportunities for advancing inclusive excellence on those sites to incorporate inclusive content, and advise the cognizant units accordingly.

Climate, Culture, and Campus Experience (C3E)

  1. Advise on the creation of an Inclusive Classrooms Best Practices Toolkit and the creation of other resources to support instructors. Work with the CER and other stakeholders on campus.
  2. Gather climate data and assess campus needs. Identify past surveys conducted for students and staff and work with the Office of Institutional Research and Student Affairs to obtain select survey results. Initiate conversations with campus affinity groups and relevant campus offices (i.e. Multicultural Leadership Council, LGTBQ Life) to assess needs of students and staff and get feedback on campus issues.
  3. Gather best practices for inclusive programming and accommodations for university and student-sponsored events. Recommendations will be disseminated through Department Administrators, Homewood Student Affairs, Student Government Association, Student Leadership and Involvement, and other entities.