2020-2021 Goals

Graduate Student to Faculty (GS2F)

  1. Recommended guidelines for recruiting: a) For search committees – Best practices for recruitment; b) For Target of Opportunity Program; c) For Provost’s Postdoctoral Fellow Program; d) Help university leaders with messaging on excellence
  2. How to brand hiring differently: a) Request the demographics of recent distinguished hires (e.g. Bloomberg Distinguished Professors) and graduate students; b) Use the Faculty composition report to construct recommendations for future hires and graduate student recruitment.  
  3. Develop a clearinghouse on the HCIE website pointing to JHU resources for faculty and students. Categorize resources to make it easy for units to navigate based on their needs.

Climate, Culture, and Campus Experience (C3E)

  1. Continue to develop recommendations for a diversity fellowship following the model of CER Technology fellowships. [Suggest pathways for funding, administration, and selection criteria.]
  2. Develop recommendations for equitable and accessible accommodations for virtual, hybrid and in-person classes and events.
  3. Develop recommendations for increased DEIA staff training, including working with the DLC and OIE for basic trainings, as well as for workshops following the model of the LGTBQ Life Office’s Safe Zone training.