Homewood Council on Inclusive Excellence

HCIE Zoom Retreat, 2020
HCIE Zoom Retreat, 2020

In 2016, President Ron Daniels set forth a vision for diversity and inclusion at Johns Hopkins in the Roadmap on Diversity and Inclusion. An important component of that document was the establishment of a Homewood diversity council to focus on issues in the Whiting and Krieger schools, an idea that was embraced by Deans Ed Schlesinger and Beverly Wendland.  The Homewood Council on Inclusive Excellence (HCIE) was thus founded in Fall 2016 to serve as a coalition of scholars, innovators, and advocates who represent Homewood faculty, staff, undergraduates, graduate students, and postdocs.

The Homewood Council on Inclusive Excellence advises the Homewood deans on matters of diversity, advocates for policies that foster an inclusive climate, identifies current practices that pose barriers to the engagement and success of underrepresented constituents, increases awareness of best practices, and implements innovations that advance our diversity goals outlined in the Roadmap. Additionally, the council collaborates with related committees across the university (i.e., Diversity Leadership Council, Committee on the Status of Women, Homewood Student Affairs) to support programming that builds community.

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