Homewood Council on Inclusive Excellence

committee members meeting virtually
HCIE Zoom Meeting, April 19, 2022

Who Are We? 

We are a Homewood campus partner of the Diversity Leadership Council.  Our committee is a broad representation of campus voices – undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, faculty and staff.  

We are connected to the Deans of both the Krieger School of Arts & Sciences and the Whiting School of Engineering, but we are embedded in the Homewood community. 

As members of the Homewood community, we are fully-invested in ensuring that we achieve the truly welcoming, diverse vision of our campus we all aspire to achieve. 

What Do We Do? 

Because we serve Homewood, our goals are specific to our unique Homewood community needs. 

We are an advisory board for the KSAS and WSE Deans as well as a catalyst for Hopkins community projects that either originate within our working group members or through partnerships with on-campus groups who need help/support/etc. 

What Can We Do Together? 

To achieve the welcoming and diverse vision outlined in Realizing Our Promise: The Second JHU Roadmap on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, our committee works on HCIE-originated projects as well as those brought to us by Homewood community. Additionally, the council collaborates with related committees and entities across the university (i.e., Diversity Leadership Council, Center for Diversity & Inclusion, Center for Student Success, Homewood Student Affairs, Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Student Disability Services, and Women Faculty Forum at Homewood) to support programming that builds community.

We will be increasing our scope of support by launching a new process for our Homewood community members to submit ideas for new projects or ask for committee assistance on qualifying projects.  Stay tuned for more information.  

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